Sunday, December 11, 2011

Courtney Grant

Courtney E. Grant is 5'11, at 165lbs, with a 30 inch waist, black hair and beautiful brown eyes on nice chiseled face and smooth looks.   Courtney presently lives in Studio City, California.  He was born and raised in his early years in homophobic Jamaica.  Later to move and began modeling in Ocala, Florida where he calls home.  He has also reside and worked in Tampa.  Modeling has always been his passion even when everyone said he couldn’t do it, he didn’t let that stop him.  Courtney is an avid tennis player and he also loves soccer and football.  He came out to his Mother at the age of 21 and they have not spoken since, that alone proves just how taboo it is to be gay on the Island.

He's worked with some of the top photographers in the business like that of Michael A. Downs, Abel Cruz, Tim Cullis and one of my all time favorites David Vance.  He hopes to branch out more in the world of modeling and entertainment.  Courtney says of himself that, “I’m fun loving and I love sports.  I love to hang out with my friends and being in front of a camera.  I just love life really”.  He's done some major commercial gigs with Home Shopping Network and a TV ad for AMSCOT.  You can expect to see more of Courtney in print advertisement, commercials and possibly TV/Film.
No, he's does not do porn, but a model that is not afraid to do tasteful nudity.  That makes him good enough to be one of our feature Model  Of The Week.  Watch Courtney in a desert shoot video by Trevrep Films, styling and grooming by Jerris Madison.   


  1. Dear Sir,

    Please take a look at 306, a gay short film, written, directed & produced by Elliot London.
    Please would you post it on your website and/or share it with your friends.
    Warning: adult minded.

    Thank you