Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nothing gay about slavery

Nothing gay about slavery
By CAROLMARSHALL | Mon, January 17, 2011 - 12:00 AM

In response to B.C.Pires’ column Against Black, Not Africans of January 10, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, paedophilia, incest, bestiality, and other sex practices are about sex. They describe whom one has sex with; they have nothing to do with matters of race or gender.
Therefore, it is a vile insult to black people for you to equate homosexuality (lesbianism) with slavery and racism. Pires’ racist rant is disgusting and should never have been published.
Homosexuality is a matter of choice, for in spite of one’s “sexual orientation”(a term that seemingly only selectively applies to homosexuals) one still chooses whom one has sex with – whether with woman, man, child, animal, or none at all.
It is self-evident that the practice of homosexuality goes against the natural order of nature; it is like walking backwards. It is a disordered love(lust). For example, the human anus is not intended to be used as a sexual orifice. Such a practice is the main cause of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV, and premature death.
No amount of ideological diatribe about homophobia, hatred, bigotry and intolerance can negate such blatant facts.

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This is the definitive, original and best Caribbean gay internet magazine in this world... and in the virtual world on Facebook.
Image Magazine has grown tremendously from its gay. We hope to celebrate, reflects, explores and questions our lives the Caribbean and the world we live in. The magazine excitedly collects the best new music, design and artists, shines a torch into unexplored crannies of our culture and still retains a hard campaigning edge and a tight focus on current affairs while allowing ourselves a bit of fun with our interviews, lifestyle and style sections.

Barbados’s first gay e-magazine.

Me, Myself, and I
Image Magazine is the Barbadian leading gay magazine for gay and bisexual men. It is run by Avalon Inc. The first issue of the Image appeared in 2009, when it was created from a newsletter done by the Broome group. This email newsletter was subsequently included into Image Magazine and is now published by the same company.

It features gay news and current events, interviews, satire, and sections on music, film, literature, and the internet, from a centre-left point of view. It also features lifestyle advertisements It is largely seen as more political and adult-oriented than Attitude.

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welcome to blog stop

ok guys we have a blog stop page now. this was only a matter of time. Bajan Gays to the world!