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Buckleback Flying Fish

Buckleback Flying Fish
By D.L Romar

Have you ever had someone who you had a crush on from school days?  Yes?

What would you do if this person was the least person you would expect to want to get their freak on wid you?

Well sit back and relax because this wonderful guy here who prodes himself on being it, is still being served a hearty serving of his jaw.  One of my friends from schooldays put some on me to the point where I am still bewitched.

I mean a piece of ass that was like a comforter on a very very cold night.  He had moves that were far better than would make Beyonce, J-lo, Britney and even Rihanna look like stiff.

Let me start at the beginning…  Randal I have known from ever since Primary School.  He wasn’t a looker then but when he passed for Secondary school and started playing sports heavily and thing, he started to really full out.  As they say he came into his own.  I had the luck of going to school in both primary, secondary and college wid him and I will tell you that he filled out well.  We seriously drifted apart after Community – he went overseas to study and we would only hear each other on Facebook or MSN.

I have always had my eye pun this boy and could never read him.  Had all the girls and things.  The man was an exact duplicate of me in more ways than one as I recently found out.

How it happened, one Friday evening I was up Oistins, leaving the car park out by Granny and I hear this set uh footsteps running behind me.  Now at 2 in the morning I get very suspect when I hear somebody running up behind me.  So I turned and position myself to drop a lash in somebody.  Then wha you think I could see? 

This 6 foot tall serving of dark chocolate, well toned body he was wearing a nice pair of black Levis, the straight type one that honestly speaking had the man ass looking like one of the humps that you does go over in Sheraton car park – the one on the side by Dacosta manning entrance.  The shirt was this Green Aeropostal one with long sleeves but it was loose fitting.

 I couldn’t make out who it is so there I was just staring down this silhouette wondering wha de hell is this.  When I turned and took up stance, the body stopped running and started to walk briskly.  People of I told you what was going through mu miond you would never believe it.   Then I heared them gruff out my name and asked if I was heading home.  I was like … Who the fuck is this?  They must have sensed that I was lost as to who they were because they called me again by my nick name at school – anyhow I straying off the topic.

It turned out that the body was Randal.  He apparently had been in Jamaica at Mona Studying Medicine.  I dropped him home – at least three gaps away from my home and we exchanged numbers after catching up along the drive home and all that stuff.  Now at 340 something my phone ring.  Who the fuckl that could be?  Randal wanting to know if we could hang out cause he board ans can’t sleep.  I honestly speaking din doing nuttin so I tell he I gun pass by he and we gun go driving arrange to pick he up to go Horseshoe.

We never made it!

When I get there his door did open.  I knock and I called.  He answer and said to come inside he just went in the bathroom.  I think piss.  Nop. The man went and bathe.

I nearly dead when this man comes out the bath.  You know the six feet already, the body of a well toned God.  But that dick was wow. He did look soft when I saw him and that was a comfortable 8 inches and Christ it was thick.

…to be continued

mirror IMAGE

mirror IMAGE
… what do you see staring back at you?

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Barbados face legal risks not experienced by non-LGBT citizens. Homosexual acts are illegal in Barbados, with a life sentence; but the law is rarely enforced. The law is currently in effect, but under review.
Recent polls conducted by Caribbean Development Research Services Inc. (CADRES) have found Barbadians to be more tolerant than previous years.

But is this really the case?  Are the people who make up the close to 270 thousand citizens really accepting of persons like “us”?  More importantly, we know how the gay scene is in barbados now – what about what it was says 20 maybe 30 years ago?

Images wanted to know and so after much deliberation, we linked up with Keith. This is not his real name for obvious reasons.  Keith describes himself as a quiet, down to earth, no nonsense person who loves singing and nature.  We met up on Browne’s beach over the public bath.  It was a very beautiful evening. The sunset was something else, I must say. We were there initially to talk about gay life in Barbados and how he sees it.  Little did this writer expect the education that he was about to receive.  I asked him, from what age did you know or suspect that you were gay?

“Wow, I know I was that way from five,” he chuckled.  “Let me quantify that.  I never really had any boy days you know.  I spent most of my time playing with dolls, plaiting hair.  I got so good at it that over time I would do my families hair whenever they wanted.

“If my sister had a pair of heels that were too tight, yours truly would put them on and “pompuhset” throughout the house and the yard with them for her.  When they were stretched enough, I would hand them back over to her,” he said.

As we spoke, “Keith” appeared nervous and I did my best to reassure him that if he was not comfortable talking to me we could resign the interview and basically reschedule or do it over the phone.

“Ting, if when I saw you and I didn’t trust you I would have let you knows…” was his quick quip back.

That was symbolic of what the gay community in Barbados is going through.  There is a seemingly a sense of distrust among what in many other section of the world is a close knitted group of individuals.  But what could be the cause of this?

At an early age he was raped.  That was his first sexual experience in gay life.

“It was a sort of a twist. I say twist because I was about 15 years at the time.  I was not looking to be sexually active at that time but that was the twist,” he said with a look of sadness in eyes.  “I really don’t like to talk about it.”

But what was the “family” like in the early days?

“I wish we could go back to those days,” he said. Today things are too turbulent.  Whereas before if you admired someone – another male, that was fine.  Everything was done in secret.  Nowadays you can’t really risk telling some of these people how you feel because the main intention is to out you.  Oh lord the drama. I can’t deal with that.

“I sometimes wish that things could be like that again,” he said. “Dealing with the discrimination has not been easy but I’ve been able to cope.  A dose of ignore works. Trust me!  One time I used to get pressured.  Someone would tell me something and I would go one side and sulk and water would settle in my eyes. But I’ve come to appoint where who knows, knows, who doesn’t doesn’t and who wants to assume let them assume.  If you have a question to ask come and ask you will get an answer,” he said matter-of-factly.

Throughout the interview we laughed and joked about many things but he would soon tense up again.  Why? That was when we started to talk about the level of discrimination gays in Barbados have to endure.  This was a source of contention.

“The Church is a major culprit.  They invite you in and then they try to change you.  The church says we welcome all and yes the other day they were quick to point out to everyone that if homosexuals were allowed in the church they would be expected to change.  They to me are extremely homophobic.

“I mean tell me this, didn’t the bible says welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you?  I mean seriously I come to church to be one with the same Lord that made you and I and yet you try to change me.”

This is why, Keith says he has adopted the stance that you don’t necessarily have to go to church to serve god.  As the interview drew to a close there was one question that I had just to ask.  What of Gay life in Barbados?

“Gay life in Barbados is in risk of dying out as we have come to appreciate it.  What I am seeing out there is conflict.  There is a war right now between gays and straights and so on.  That is not healthy.  Let us be serious about this whole thing. 

“What is a bit heartening is that the younger generation is coming up and they are now more outspoken.  I look forward to see what the future brings.”

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Friday, March 11, 2011


TO CONSERVATIVE FOR MY TASTELately there has been quite a lot of talk surrounding sexuality in my country especially the issues surrounding gays and lesbians and the sexual borderline that dare not be crossed, a pop star, a gay lovers quarrel gone wrong and a award winning film BLACK SWAN all have seemed to strike a chord with the censorship board of BARBADOS and some citizens who think these examples are just not socially acceptable, which brings me to ask the question what is socially acceptable? And what is not.
I think the issue is so taboo because of the mentality of the people and the way our society is raised, the mors and morms of society, we here in Barbados have a very laid back conservative attitude towards everything, this extends towards our business ethic, our entertainment business and even our government and how certain laws and systems are put into place.
Tons of articles have been released following the NOTORIOUS Rihanna video for S&M and all of them basically say the same thing that I pointed out which proves to me that we know what our problem is when it comes to moving forward but we still have a stumbling block or hurdle to cross and that bridge is looking kind of shaky to me.
I personally love the S&M video and haven’t watched the BLACK SWAN film as yet but have read so much press surrounding it and the other topics I’ve highlighted, I am a huge fan of the entertainment business and the various ways media uses scandal and risqué like things to garner more attention and ultimately more sales.
The benefits to scandal in my opinion is that is gives what ever the scandal is about so much leverage whether positive or negative, but it is how we use it that makes all the difference. Many rap artists in the past have beefed up album sales by creating“fake” wars to get more publicity before the album is released.
I think we all need to calm down a bit and take the entertainment industry for what it is entertainment, yes it is very influential and many impressionable persons are influenced by it but each person as an individual has to know what they want to achieve in life and how to steer there own path and not follow the cookie cutter one created for them. To lead or to be lead that is the question.