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Coming Out

Gay, bisexual or just curious and ready to come out? Here you'll find articles, tips and resources to help you come out.

What Is Sexual Orientation?

What is sexual orientation? Sexual orientation is more than a physical behavior; it's a "enduring" attraction to another person.

How Many People Are Really Gay?

Is it true that 1 in 10 people is gay or is this statistic just a myth? Find out how many gay people there really are.

Why Am I Gay?

If only we could explain the things we feel inside. There are many different reasons why we are the way we are, but can sexual orientation be explained? Is there a reason why you are gay?

How Do I Know If I'm Gay?

There are no scientific tests or stereotypes (such as the types of clothes you wear or how masculine or feminine you are) that can determine your sexuality. But, there are questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if you are gay.

Coming Out, What Does it Mean?

Coming out is the process of accepting your sexual orientation and telling family, co-workers and friends. Coming out is different for every gay or bisexual person. Some experience fear, pain, and frustration. Others find the process less difficult.

Don't All Gay Men Get HIV?

It's a common myth that all gay and bisexual men either already have or will eventually get HIV.

Coming To Terms With Being Gay

Just coming to terms with being gay? Reaching out for advice on coming out is a great place to start.

Can Homosexuality Be Cured?

Ex-gay ministries claim that curing homosexuality is a matter of faith--mind over body, sort of speak. But, there is no empirical proof that homosexuality can be cured. What do you think? Can an attraction for the same sex be cured through therapy?

Bullying - Gay Men and Women Talk About Being Bullied In School

Gay men and women talk about bullying in school.

What Diva Inspires You?

Why do we love the divas that we love? What diva inspires you? See submissions

What Diva Inspires You?

Why do we love the divas that we love? What diva inspires you?

What is National Coming Out Day?

Know your gay history and how this national movement for gay equality began. Also, learn what it means to come out of the closet.

Define Coming Out - What Does It Mean To Be Out?

Does coming out mean just accepting your sexuality yourself or do you have to tell others? Define out.

Define "Out"

Does coming out mean just accepting your sexuality yourself or do you have to tell others? Define out.

The Best and Worst Things About Being Gay - Being Gay - Stories About…

Sometimes thoughts about being gay can take up most of our day. What's the best or worst thing about being gay?

How Much Of Your Day Is Taken Up Thinking About Being Gay?

Just about 23.5 hours of my day are consumed by me thinking about how I am gay... After you came out did your mind go back to normal, as in thinking about other things than just being gay?

Has Your Boyfriend Ever Met Your Parents?

Have you ever taken your boyfriend home to meet mom, dad and the rest of the family? What was your experience?

Gay In A Homophobic Town

Are you the only gay person in a homophobic small town? Is your self-esteem keeping you from meeting other gay friends?

Coming Out In A Small Town

Are you the only gay person in your small or rural town? Tips on how to deal with being the only gay person in your small or rural town.

Coming Out

How do you find support from family and friends after coming out.

Beating a Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteems are selfish and can be deceptive, which is why you've got to understand it and then find ways to overcome it by playing its same game.

Write A Coming Out Letter

Coming out in a letter is a good option for guys that express themselves best in writing. These suggestions can help you write a coming out letter to family or friends.

Things You Should Never Say Over Text Message

Texting is quick and easy, but there are certain things that you should never say over text.

Coming Out Tips For Men - Coming Out - Coming Out Experiences

What can a newly out gay man expect after coming out? Share your coming out experiences.

What To Expect After Coming Out

Coming out can be a real reality check. It's like growing a new set of eyes. They way you see yourself and others changes, often times quite drastically. So, what can you expect after coming out?

How Many Same-Sex Couples Are In The U.S.?

The number of same-sex couples in the United States increased by more than 20% between 2000 and 2005. The Williams Institute theorizes that this increased in the number of gay and lesbian couples may have to do with their increased willingness to disclose their sexuality.

What Gays Need To Know About The 2010 Census

Will gay, lesbian, and bisexual people be counted in the 2010 U.S. Census? What affect will the 2010 Census have on the gay, lesbian, and bisexual population?

Why The Total Number Of Gay People Can Never Be Counted

How many gays are there in the United States? There are several reasons why the number of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people can only be estimated.

Coming In - You Should Come In Before You Come Out

Coming out isn't a one-time event. It's a process that happens over time. The first step to coming out to others, however, is coming out to yourself.

Coming Out To Lesbian Moms

Coming out to his two lesbian moms wasn't as easy as he thought it might be. Turns out one of his moms has a sorted past with her relatives and doesn't want him to come out on that side of the fence. He says he's never been ashamed of his sexuality, why should he hide it now?

Help Me Meet Gay Friend

Having a hard time meeting gay friends? Here are a few tips that can help you meet more gay friends.

Coming Out on Facebook and Myspace

Social networking applications like Facebook and Myspace give you the option of displaying your sexuality on your profile. They either ask if you are gay or straight or they want you to list what gender you are interested in meeting, making it obvious if you're gay or bi. But, can you be outed if you put your sexuality on your Facebook or Myspace profile?

I Don't Want My Brother To Be Gay

He's gay in a town that isn't exactly gay-friendly. He suspects that his little brother might be gay as well. Why does this bother him so?

Is It Okay To Take A Girl To A Gay Bar?

You don't know any other gay guys, but your straight girl friend has agreed to go to the gay bar with you. Is it okay to take a straight girl to a gay bar?

When You're Out But Your Family Isn't

I had already come out to my dad's side of the family. I was comfortable being out and looked forward to our vacation together, even though I was the only gay one on the trip. I thought there might be moments when I would be uncomfortable, but what resulted was instead their discomfort. I was out, but I didn't anticipate them still being in the closet with the way they felt about me being gay.

When To Come Out

When is the best time to come out to your family and friends? You'll know when the time is right to come out to your family.

Surviving Thanksgiving As A Gay Man

Don't let the stress of being gay on Thanksgiving Day ruin your holiday time. These tips will help you navigate your way around the Thanksgiving Day holiday as a gay man.

Making The Most Of Thanksgiving and Christmas Away From Home

Can't handle a home-for-the-holidays reunion? Dried up holiday funds keeping you put? Here's your guide to surviving Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home.

Is This Your First Time Home As A Gay Man?

Is this your first trip home as an out gay man? Navigate your way around awkward moments, football straightness, and dating innuendos.

Should You Come Out On Thanksgiving Day?

Mom wants you to come home on Thanksgiving Day, but is turkey time the best time to come out?

Best Coming Out Books

Books that can help you come out of the closet.

Ways You Can Celebrate National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day happens annually on October 11th. National Coming Out Day promote government and increases public awareness of gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender rights and issues. National Coming Out Day is also a day to celebrate sexual identity. Here are ways you can celebrate.

Tips on Coming Out To Your Parents, Family, Co-Workers and Friends

Coming out isn't easy, nor is a life in the closet. Before you come out, read these resources that can help you through the transition to a more open and gay-affirmative life.

Tips for Gay Men in College

Are you gay and just came out or plan on coming out in college? Here are tips on how to telling your roommate, finding new gay friends, campus safety and dating.

Am I Gay?

You have feelings or fantasize about other men, but does that mean you're gay? Find out how to determine if you are gay.

Bisexual And Ready To Come Out

Ron is bisexual and ready to come out to his wife, family and kids. He asks a few very personal questions before taking the next step.

Keep a Coming Out Journal

There are many benefits to journaling. Jotting down your thoughts is a great way to manage stress. Journaling can also helps you achieve some degree of clarity on how to best approach the tough situations in your life, like coming out.

Trouble Coming Out to Mom

You're ready to come out, but your mom threatens to kick you out if you do. Then, she changes her mind and says gay is OK. Should you believe her?

Outing My Grandson on Myspace

This grandmother found her grandson's Myspace page that says he's gay. He hasn't come out to her as gay yet. Should she out him to the family?

Coming Out Step-by-Step

Coming out is a process. Read this step-by-step guide for gay men coming out of the closet.

Is This Your Year To Come Out?

The new school year has arrived and a lot of decisions have to be made. What classes should you take? Should you join a club or team?

Should You Come Out To Your Teacher?

School back in, but you're still not out? You're thinking about telling your teacher or prof that you're gay, but should you?

How To Make Your School More Gay

You don't have to Glee up your school to make it more gay. There are several other ways to spread the rainbow on your high school or college campus this year.

Cyber Bullying

Are you being bullied over chat and text? What is cyber bullying and how can you make the bullying stop?

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MEN... It pays to Vibrate a little....

MEN... It pays to Vibrate a little....

Two surveys by a university in the good ole U S of A are suggesting that vibrator use (also what we would call dildos) during sexual encounters is common among men and women and is linked to better sexual health.

The lead investigator for the women on these studies was a doctor named Debra Herbenick.  She and her colleagues surveyed 2,056 women between 18 and 60 years old and found that more than half of the women (52.5%) had used a vibrator, with nearly 1 in 4 having done so in the past month.

Women who used vibrators were more likely to have had gynaecologic check up within the past year and were also more likely to have performed a genital self-exam within the past month.
In addition, women who used vibrators, and particularly recent users, reported more desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm, and less pain.

Most women (71.5%) said they never had any side effects associated with vibrator use and side effects that did occur were generally not severe or long-lasting.

Dr. Michael Reece and colleagues surveyed 1,047 men, also between 18 and 60 years old and found that, for both solo and partnered sexual activities, 44.8% of the men had used a vibrator at some point in their lives, with 10.0% having done so in the last month, 14.2% within the past year, and 20.5% at some point more than a year ago.

"Men who used vibrators, particularly those with recent use, were more likely to report participation in sexual health promoting behaviours, such as testicular self-exam," Reece and his colleagues reported.

In addition, men who reported recent vibrator use scored themselves higher on sexual desire, erectile function and satisfaction with sex and orgasms, than men who did not report recent vibrator use.

In statement, Herbenick said: "The study about women's vibrator use affirms what many doctors and therapists have known for decades -- that vibrator use is common, it's linked to positive sexual function such as desire and ease of orgasm, and it's rarely associated with any side effects."

"The study about male vibrator use," Reece added, "is additionally important because it shows that vibrator use is also common among men, something that has not been documented before."

"Also, both studies help us to further understand the way in which consumers are turning to the marketplace for products that promote their sexual health," Reece said.

The surveys were sponsored by Church & Dwight Company.  For those of you who don’t know or play they don’t know – they are the manufacturer of Trojan Condoms.

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this is why i love barbados! not gay but eye candy that makes your eyes rot


Bradley Ally achieves top world ranking
Posted on Jan 29, 2011

Beginning the long course season in the same vein in which he ended the short course season last year BRADLEY ALLY, Barbados' swimming Icon is making his presence felt in Europe. Competing in his first long course meet for the year - 'Meeting International de la FFN' January 21-24rd -Bradley took the gold medal from France's Ganesh Pedurand in 2:02.92 in the 200 M IM to achieve a ranking in this his preparation stage of 4th in the World.
In the 200 M backstroke Ally was out-touched by France's Alexis Cabrol who won the gold in 2:03.01. But Bradley was dangerously close behind taking the silver in 2:03.11 for a primary ranking of 5th place in the World.
In the 200 M freestyle he took second spot in the 'B' final in 1:52.42 coming within splits of breaking his national record of 1:52.30. Despite being in the 'B' final this time placed him 8th overall in the event as his 'B' final time was better than some posted in the 'A' final.
Bradley continues his training in FRANCE towards his preparation for the World Long course in Shanghai and the Panamerican Games in Guadalajara.

Gay Jamaica Watch: TURING: Of homosexuality and the church

Gay Jamaica Watch: TURING: Of homosexuality and the church: "Love or hate it, it's hard to ignore organised religion. While your columnist is of the opinion that religion should strictly (and I do mean..."

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David McIntosh

Courtney Burrell

Ronnie Amadi

Pakistan allows trans men and women their own gender category

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pakistan allows trans men and women their own gender category

By Christopher Brocklebank  -

A landmark decision has been taken in Pakistan to allow trans people their own gender category on selected official documents.
The country’s Supreme Court has ruled that Pakistanis who do not consider themselves to be either male or female should be allowed to choose an alternative sex when they apply for their national identity cards.
This is startling and positive news given the conservative climate in Pakistan, a country where trans people - known as hijras - are often ridiculed and forced to live in isolation. Many struggle for survival and are unable to secure jobs other than sex work, or even find a place to live away from their families. Often, they are reduced to begging.
Illiteracy rates among trans Pakistanis are also reportedly high.
Shehzadi, a trans woman living in Karachi, told the BBC that it was indeed “a difficult life” and that she had known she didn’t fit into either gender since the age of six. She left home as soon as she could, she said, and came to live with other trans people.
With the new gender category comes new hope, and some trans men and women are already being employed by the government in their drive to crack down on tax evaders. Those interviewed by the BBC said they were “proud” to be working in such a role.

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famous boyz

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WGLB: For Catholics, Open Attitudes on Gay Issues

WGLB: For Catholics, Open Attitudes on Gay Issues: "By AUSTIN CONSIDINE - AS the tranquil tones of church bells and choirs usher in another Easter Sunday, you may hear stirrings of controve..."

Is There a Role for Sex Toys in Relationships?
Is There a Role for Sex Toys in Relationships? 

In the past, using a sex toy with a partner was considered taboo.   Most people believed that it would give the male a lack of confidence thus decreasing his performance making him feel inadequate. 

In today’s more liberated society people are becoming more open about their sexuality and their sexual preference; most women are realizing it's just as important for them to have an orgasm as it is for the man. With this new found liberty women are not holding back any longer. With the increasing tendency of men to satisfy only themselves, women are turning to sex toys to experience an orgasm.

Men who are considered new-age and are always up for new and exciting things with their partners, readily welcome these toys.  Adding flavor and spice to their sexual relationship.

The questions that linger are.
Would you use sex toys with your partner?
Are you against using sex toys entirely?
Do you think they're best left for your alone time?

This question was put to many of my friends and strangers alike. To my surprise the answers were astonishing to say the least.

Most women were estactic with having sex toys in their relationship; they saw nothing wrong with adding more fuel to the fire. One lady said it helped her partner who could only manage to have intercourse with her once, and then he would have to wait until tomorrow. So they would use the toys to make her happy then have intercourse, and in doing so both of them were satisfied
Another lady confessed to craving intercourse each and every day, but her partner was not willing so she uses her toys to fill this void.
I think it is generally safe, educationally thrilling to say the least, to introduce a vibrator into the bedroom. The orgasms are more intense and more efficient. A lot of the other reasons are just straight-up exciting.  Furthermore if your partner had to hit the time out button you can still get help in reaching that ultimate satisfaction with the use of your new found toys. 

Some men tend to stray a bit and hide in their shell when it comes to toys, but in trying to appeal to his sense of originality you can get him to overcome this apprehension

One guy said I don’t need toys for my girl to have an orgasm, but they can be awfully nice to have around.
Basically, if a potential partner isn’t okay with toys you can always leave them for your alone time.
But many of us believe that toys are part of the excitement of our sexual pleasures while some think that they should not be in the bedroom at all, but there is nothing harmful about using sex toys.

Certainly some people can become used to using these sex toys, and even come to rely on them so much that having intercourse with their partner always seems to be missing something, but there is no “withdrawal” and anyone can easily revert to masturbation or partner sex without sex toys

Sex toys are not replacements for people. A sex toy cannot make you breakfast, or cuddle, or tell you how much it loves you. The reality about women and men and sex toys is that a majority of them use them, when they are in relationships or when they are single.   The best way for a man or a woman to become a better lover is to learn more about his or hers own sexual responses

Those people who would rather us not use sex toys at all come up with a variety of arguments against them. They are addictive, their weird, and they say if you use them you can ruin yourself for “real sex”. For starters, “real sex” is any kind of sex you’re having or thinking about having. Real sex is having sex with or without the toys.

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Landley Mannery

Just a thought…

Just a thought…
By Gay Baje

SO I CAME across this article while surfing the other day and admittedly it stoked my interest.  It was a little ditty entitled “Gay minorities face various challenges.”

“It said then that being a minority presents a separate set of set backs alone. When that is coupled with being gay, it can be overwhelming to the individual.

Gay minorities deal with racism, sexual discrimination and discrimination from employers. Friends and family also tend to look at gay people differently. In some cases, gay minorities are shunned completely from their community because of sexual preference.”

This got me thinking.  DO we in Barbados really experience some of the crap that we hear other in the outside world talking about?  Dow we experience racism?

Some say that it is not as pronounced as it was 25 years ago but Racism still does exist.   I tend to agree – it is just manifested in a host of different ways.  Our Family has to deal with racism in schools, churches, work, the community and home.  In Barbados, you could forget working in certain jobs.  I know of situations where because someone was gay, he was overlooked for a promotion. 

At school we are well familiar with the stories of the young quiet boy, who would sit attentively and do his work, kept out of trouble, considered the little brother to the girls,  being either beaten, ostracized, taunted because he was a “lil soft” and not to mention the church.  I go back to an article that the papers carried a few months ago in which the cleric said we have no problem with gays but when the come to church here they can no longer be gay.  OMG WTF…  Ok….(long and distant stare).

There are no qualms about it.  Let us be frank!!! The gay minority are often mocked and judged by people who do not understand them. To be gay oh sorry gotta be politically correct – “to exhibit homosexual characteristics is like a "cancer", eating away at family and in a community life. It is simply wrong.” 

I had to stop and catch my breath for a moment.  After saying a few choice words, I had to sit and calmly say to “may the fleas of a thousand wet camels infest their crotches and I hope to God that their hands are too short for them to scratch.

I mean when you think about it – you and I both know that some of us in this community have been the victims of physical violence because of who we are.  Take the gals that usually find themselves out Coleridge Street or out Walrond Street – persons passing and throwing rock and bottles at them.  What about the incidents of people getting beaten on at places like Club Xtreme (which get shut down now btw because they couldn’t pay their rent)?  When will people learn that it does not help the problem.  Putting hands on another person is never justified unless it is in self defense or if you really “Put your hands on them (or your mouth or your rod, some call it a staff)…. Look behave.  . It only makes it get worse. In some cases, gay individuals develop self hatred and then you all are fucked.  Did any read the story about the gay guy in Antigua that infected quite a few?  You haven’t?  Email me.  I’ll send it to you. ( 

In closing let me say this be who you are even although you might feel alone in the world.   It is not easy at all out there, trust me I know.  But if you have a support network of friends and I mean true friends – not the trifling bitches that got your back only when it is convenient to them support each other. 

That’s Just a thought…