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i have been blocked

i have been block from using my account on FB some bajan guy i didn't even know was bajan saw his pic on me page and reported me. WOW. i guess messaging me and asking me to take it off was to hard! i will be adding a privacy page  when i get back on 

This image yours?

I make no claim to the ownership of any of the pictures/videos found on the blog. All were sent in by viewers or found online at free websites. If you would like your picture removed and can show even a little proof that its you or yours -email me - or comment on the image. Will gladly remove.
make assumptions about the sexual orientation of anyone shown on this blog. Thank you.

An english guy

An english guy was so in love with his wife he tat her name on his dick when hard it read "wendy but soft it reads "w y" guy takes a trip to barbados will there he came across a bajan man in a bathroom takin a piss and notice he had "w y" tat on his dick too ,he look at the guys and ask him if his wife was named wendy too ,the guys looks at him and said that this tat is "welcome to barbados have a nice day". :D =D =D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Justin Mr. XL Williams.

I would first like to start off by thanking you so very much for
your support. I am an international model,
dancer, actor, poet and writer. I also hold the title for winning two
international competitions held yearly in Negril, Jamaica. The first
to ever hold both titles, I am simultaneously the reigning 2011 Man of
Dreams and Mr. Caribbean International.
I attended Delaware and Georgia State Universities, respectively,
majoring in Flight Systems Management  and Business  Marketing. A
former pilot, air traffic controller and proud U.S. Air Force veteran,
I have served in a wide variety of capacities to both my country and
my fans.  Having just completed what has been by far the best year of
my career thus far, being catapulted from local to international
acclaim; Man of the Year is a fitting title for my first publication, The 2012 Man of the Year Calendar . This has been my year! Check it out for yourself at

Monday, January 16, 2012


Well i got a friend i love him to death but he has a small dick. sadly he thinks that is what defines him. he is successful smart very good looking but its only 6 inches.. boo fucking who! it gets hard and he can use it 

3 Tricks to Make Your Penis Look Bigger

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An Exercise in Good Grooming
One of the fastest ways to make your penis APPEAR to be larger (without any change in actual size) is to maintain really meticulous grooming habits. As simple and straightforward as it sounds, the absence of hair is a HUGE and very easy way to make your anatomy appear more pronounced. Clearly male bodybuilders and the Models have realized this for many years in OTHER areas of the male anatomy (arms, chest, legs and abs) and a streamlined torso WILL in fact amp UP and enhance your male size as well.
Get Rid of the Gut
Yes, the old joke is true: A man with a large gut has a more difficult time seeing his anatomy, and the same is true for the other people who choose to look as well. Trimming your gut and waistline is a HEALTHY and effective way of making your penis look bigger for any number of good reasons. A pelvic fat pad that overweight men tend to accumulate as well causes the penis to appear obfuscated too - and this contributes to the illusion of smallness, which NONE of us need!
Male Enhancement Exercises
This is not really a "trick" per se, as it's a genuine and proven way to GROW your penis size safely from home. Rather than investing in pills, pumps or pulleys, simply practice different enhancement exercises like jelqing, pc elevations and other motions and manipulations that have been proven to grow the male anatomy in both length and width alike. This takes a little bit longer (no pun intended) than the first two options, but has the ADDED benefit of being a PERMANENT solution as well!
As with everything else in the Men's health domain, knowledge is POWER, and information is EVERYTHING!
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The need for creams, hanging weights and other esoteric methods are not only strange and potentially dangerous - they are also finally completely obsolete and unnecessary.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

comming out story

I have known since about age six I was gay, when I kissed a neighborhood friend for the first time. It was hardest in my teens being attracted to other women, but suppressing who I truly AM to make everyone happy and to try to be what everyone considered "normal" out of unwarranted fear. I did the "normal" thing, having several boyfriends/husbands, keeping up the facade. I wasn't being truthful with my inner self, nor others....The past 29 years have been the hardest years of my life feeling there was something wrong with me, worried what others would think of me if they found out, etc.

After a traumatic event which almost cost me my life, I decided to live my life without fear. For 29 years I had basically lived my life in fear. This meant being true to who I knew I was inside. Most my life I was so afraid what people thought, afraid to be myself, afraid to breathe, basically afraid of everything. I even got back into the dating scene, not really expecting to get into a serious relationship, but I knew I wanted the person I was going to date to be a woman. I was blessed to find my girlfriend Deborah.

I love her very much! She has lit up my entire life. We enjoy spending time with one another going to the park, the lake, playing pool, eating together, holidays together, going to the movies, watching funny movies/tv together at our house, and.... she just so happens to be the most beautiful (inside and out), wonderful, sweetest, smartest, caring, thoughtful, loving, and most amazing woman in the World to me! I can honestly say, despite the cliche saying that it is, I have honestly never been in Love till now. I have never ever felt this way before, she lights my life up with her warmth and love!

I came out to my friends first, and then my family at age 35 (I am 36 now). All in all it was a positive experience. My step mom (since age two) disowned me keeping my dad and her out of Christmas at my house this year because I refused to uninvite my girlfriend Deborah. She also told me she preferred that my children not mention my "type of relationship" with her while she was at my house for Christmas. She told me if I was not willing to keep my relationship with my girlfriend out of this holiday with her and my dad, then I needed to call up my dad and tell him that they should not come up for Christmas. I told her to tell him herself. It was not the same without them, but I ended up having an awesome Christmas with my children and Deborah.

After that I picked up my dad because he cannot drive and took him to lunch. The coldness, and the hatred poured forth from my step mom when I went to pick him up caused me to have a bad panic attack, but I made it through....My dad respects my decision and me. He doesn't disown me, in fact no one really has disowned me except my step mom. I am not sure if I will put myself in the position I did to cause the panic attack again, but I miss my father and wish my step mom would come around and accept me for who I am, regardless of who I Love.

I got my tattoo on my right leg back in 1997 and decided to complete what I see as a transformation by getting my nose pierced on my right side a few days ago. So far, I've gotten rave reviews from everyone, and I really am pleased with how it turned out too. I have wanted the nose piercing as long as I wanted the tattoo, if not longer, but it makes it that much more special having waited until now, as it is a true reflection of the real me.....

I urge everyone out there to come out, to both friends and family. I know it's hard, you're worried what they're going to say and how they are going to react, but it really is a life changing process that frees you both mentally and physically. I feel as though a huge cumbersome weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel like I am being true to me and it's a gift I gave myself, that no one can take away ever again.

why i love face book

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Judge Her FABULOUS! PDF Print E-mail

Friday, 06 January 2012 13:20
didi-for-webMy name is Di Di [pronounced Dee Dee] Winston and I am a diva extraordinaire.
I may not have always been ‘different'. But I definitely was always fabulous!
I'm from Richmond's, St Michael. I grew up there all my life and, as you get older, you do things. So I moved a way for a while. But now I'm back. Tah-dah!
I went to St James Secondary School and it was amazing! SJS! There we go!

School was challenging for me - not academically. I was always academically fabulous! But, being different, you had your challenges. But, as long as you let them know where to get off. Sometimes you had to get verbal.
Growing up for me was wonderful. As a child you have your challenges, but not because you were different. It was about you becoming an individual. Some people [who are different] have hurdles but I really can't say I had any. It was all about respect and just being a child.
I have never stood for crap or let anyone get over me. I've always asked questions.

I didn't make myself. I just live my life. A lot of people assume you're doing things you're not doing. How do you know what I'm doing? You just see fabulousness and assume it's wrong.

My family is mega-large. It's amazing. Sometimes you're somewhere and someone goes, "Oh, I know you!" And, when they start to rat on, you realise you're cousins!
It's amazing how silly [some Barbadian] people can get because someone is from somewhere else [in the Caribbean]. Let it go. Life is just too short.
I was playing road tennis and this guy said, "You can play road tennis?" And I said, "Hey, I'm not only pretty?" He aked, "How good are you?" I told him, "Let me put on my heels and you'll see!"

My friend told me she saw me with my boyfriend in town and I was, like, "What makes him my boyfriend?" I said, "Sweetheart, that is not cool!' Because of who you are, they assume everybody you associate with is the same way. That's upsetting. You don't know who's who.
This girl calls me on the phone and says, "I think my brother is gay. Do you know him?" I say, "Sweetheart, I'm a woman! How the hell would I know if he's gay! In any case, what does it have to do with me? Ask him!"
I don't have a family myself. I have a dog! That's my son. His name is Spinkz. And my daughter's name is Spectra. They're Chihuahuas. I'm single. I wish I was in a relationship.
I used to live on my own but my mother's house is now mine. So, hey, why pay rent when I can move back home? My Mom is still very much with us. She's drama, darling, drama!
I've been dancing since I can remember. From young, from say age three, I'd be doing whole big productions in the street outside my grandmother's house. You start dancing and you develop and you become ‘the dancer'. Of course you have to take classes. For me it's always been about perfecting the art.

You know when you're born to be something? I always told my friends, "I'm going to be a star!" I always told myself, "You have to be number one! Because you're different." So many people are, like, "Oh, it's because..." And I'm, like, "Because what?" That used to upset me! How dare you tell me anything?

Being popular is something. I go places and think, "Well, no one knows me here" and then someone shouts out, "Hi, Di Di!"

My parents have always loved me for me. Not because I'm a diva or different or fabulous. Just for me! That's always been good for me.
I was with my father once and these people were, like, "Di Di's boyfriend is so handsome!" And I was, like, "Shut up! That's my Dad!"

My mother always told me to be polite so I'm a very friendly person, even though people might think I'm a word meaning, ‘female dog' that you can't say in the papers. And I can't say, ‘a b-word', because they'll think it's something else, okay. So let's say people think I'm snobby.

I don't have many friends but, hey, it comes with the territory.
I first realized I was different shortly after birth.
As a teenager, a friend of mine, he was telling me about a girl and I was, like, "Hey, she's just a girl!"  And then you see a guy, and I'm, like, "Wow!" And I ask myself, "Why is it that I don't dig her, but I dig him?" And I've always been one to question.
I've always thought I was the only person like myself, being transgendered and all. And then, one night, I went to a party, and I was, like, "Wow!" Men, women, people older, people my age. And I was, like, "Okay!"

You dress how you are. You dress how you feel. I'm transgendered male to female. [Transgender: identified with a gender other than the biological one.]
This little girl asked me, "Are you a boy or a girl?" I said, "Neither! I am a woman! And your mother should educate you to the differences in people". And I kept looking at her mother, who was standing right there. "But it seems your moth-er needs to educate herself, too. She's now asking herself, ‘Why did I send my child to ask this fabulous person such a silly question?' Have a good day, darling!"

Some people call me, ‘Sir' and I'm, like, "Negro, do I look like a ‘he' to you?" Why would you see a guy or girl, dressed as a girl, and call her, ‘him'? If you see a butch lesbian dressed as a guy - why would you say, ‘she'? Get with the programme. Unless he or she tells you otherwise, call them as you see them. If the person wants to be called otherwise, then they will tell you.

I'd eat chicken Caesar salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When you give respect, you get respect.

I'd like money for Christmas. And a BMW.

It's only difficult to live as yourself [as transgendered] in Barbados if you let it be difficult. Of course you're going to get drama. But I've never been one to let someone stop me from being me. You're not being rude. You're just being you.

It makes no sense to live for society. You have to live for the main person in the picture: you!

I get very upset when people tell me anything about God [not wanting me to be who I am]. They forget we're all made in the likes of him. I pray every morning because, without God, I can't be fabulous!

A woman told me, "I'll pray for you!" I said to her, "Okay, I'll pray for you, too!" She said, "You can't pray for me!" I said, "B-word [meaning female dog]! You can't judge me! That's not your job!" Hell, no! Because you're judging me and I'm not judging you. because, if I was, those shoes would have to go!
My thing is, live and let live. If you can't educate yourself to it and you see it coming, move away!
People can be difficult but I don't let things get me down. There are moments when I shed a tear or two, but as a cleanse.
A lot of people are scared to talk to me but why would I cuss you? Unless you step on my corns. And, if you do, Girl, back it up!

There was this one time, I was in Cave Shepherd and got in an elevator with this big, strapping man, and he started shaking. He was scared of me! He thought I would have pounced on him! A big-assed grown man! What is little old me going to do him? Things like that amaze me. But it does make me feel powerful, to make a grown man trimble.

The best thing about being a diva is when others come up to me and say, "You give me the strength to be me!" I'm not vain or anything but that makes my day. If I can open one or two doors so that people who come after me can go through easy, that's what I have to do.

The bad part about being a diva is a lot of people are intimidated by me.
A Bajan is a force to be reckoned with. Someone who is always on par. That makes me a Bajan. All over the world, Bajans are really doing it, and I'm not talking about Rihanna because I know her.

Barbados means a lot to me. It really is an honour to be a Barbadian.

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random bajans

had to do it again as i have lost all the good stuff. here are some of the reasons why i still love this little land


lost all my photos i had posted previously omg

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Please take a look at 306, a gay short film, written, directed & produced by Elliot London.
Please would you post it on your website and/or share it with your friends.
Warning: adult minded.

306 is an art house film with a dramatic twist. Get ready for
a wild ride like you’ve never seen as you follow this cast of characters on a psychological journey that will leave you begging for more.

DIRECTED BY Elliot London
WRITTEN BY E. London & Greg Phelan
EDITED BYErik Hansen

Check out 306 on imdb.

My name is Elliot London... I am loving life and so happy to be a part of the film and vloging world. Currently, I am a new partner/owner with TLA Releasing, which is the largest Gay film Distributor... I am so excited to be a part of Gay cinema. Currently I am VP of Branding...

Than there is my Vloging... I love to share my life and be real (more silly)
Check it out at
I Vlog every two weeks...

Thanks for your support

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