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Barely #Nude #Black #Brothers #love @Nuvo_ on #ThickAndBrickThursdays?
Barely #Nude #Black #Brothers #love @Nuvo_ on #ThickAndBrickThursdays?
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Pretty Puzzle ~ #ThickAndBrickThursdays 
Pretty Puzzle ~ #ThickAndBrickThursdays 
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Photo 29 Mar 63 notes Jordache joins forces with @BigMuscle for my #ThickAndBrickThursdays
Jordache joins forces with @BigMuscle for my #ThickAndBrickThursdays
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Photo 29 Mar 86 notes Epson Mason ~ @MasonZion ‘s  li’l #bro strikes a pose on my #ThickAndBrickThursdays!
Epson Mason ~ @MasonZion ‘s  li’l #bro strikes a pose on my #ThickAndBrickThursdays!
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#ThickAndBrickThursdays #pops #out with @Papi_UNDERWEAR Inc.
#ThickAndBrickThursdays #pops #out with @Papi_UNDERWEAR Inc.
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Why I wrestle #men DOWN on #ThickAndBrickThursdays! Let’s watch….!!
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Fancy a Fag for #ThickAndBrickThursdays?
Fancy a Fag for #ThickAndBrickThursdays?
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Photo 29 Mar 13 notes Shirtless @USMC Soldiers for #ThickAndBrickThursdays
Shirtless @USMC Soldiers for #ThickAndBrickThursdays
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Photo 29 Mar 10 notes Kid #Chocolate, a favorite Macho #Fucker of mine for #ThickAndBrickThursdays
Kid #Chocolate, a favorite Macho #Fucker of mine for #ThickAndBrickThursdays
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RACE COPPER NEW photos from Mark Henderson!!!

New photos from Mark Henderson!!!

Just got back last night from Fort Worth, Texas... and one of the best, if not THE BEST photo shoots I've ever had... with uber talented photographer Mark Henderson! These are some of the amazing photos he took of me, but you'll have to wait until his next book comes out in order to see which ones of me will be published. To get your hands on his recently published book, "Luminosity" go to or TLA!


Adam Butler

Angelo Antonio

James Gunn

Kairon John

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Giddy-Up with Arli Levanael

Giddy-Up with Arli Levanael on #SexySaturdays
Giddy-Up with Arli Levanael on #SexySaturdays

men men

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#SexySaturdays Samoan
#SexySaturdays Samoan
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#SexySaturdays #Black Shack
#SexySaturdays #Black Shack
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Photo 24 Mar 50 notes Slickster #SexySaturdays
Slickster #SexySaturdays
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Dear Black People, Look In The Mirror, Are We The Reason?

Dear Black People, Look In The Mirror, Are We The Reason?

Dear Black People,

Look in the mirror; are you the reason why Trayvon Martin is dead?

This morning when I woke up, I put on my black Invisible Bully hoodie, a pair of blue jeans and my sneakers. As I looked in the mirror I thought of Michael Skolnik's blog. I hate to admit it, but I looked suspicious. Then my heart sank into the pit of my stomach as I thought to myself, 'Could I be to blame for Trayvon Martin's death?'

EXCLUSIVE: White People You'll Never Look Suspicious!

I am not a thug, I am a vital part of a team that helps Russell Simmons run his multi-million dollar businesses. But in a dark alley, I am the reason ladies clutch their purse.

I started crying right there. My heart filled with guilt as I couldn't help but feel I have in some way propelled the stereotypes that plague black men.

I've learned to live with those stereotypes. We quickly learn that our dreams ain't what it seems. All black men know these streets are not safe for us. We know that we might end up on the wrong side of a cop's bullet for pulling out our wallets. We know that seeing a cop doesn't make us feel protected or safe, but instead, fear for our lives.

Since I was a young boy, that is how I learned to live. And unless things change I'll raise my sons the same way. At any moment, a young black male can end up like Trayvon Martin.

I embraced the hip-hop culture. I remember wearing my headphones on the train singing rap lyrics from Wu-Tang, Biggie, and others. I was expressing the struggles of what blacks have to go through in America. But to others, I was just a rowdy urban youth, up to no good, in desperate need of a belt. Hip-hop captures those emotions we felt better than anything, but instead of identifying it as giving voice to our cries for help, they dubbed it gangsta rap.

DETAILS: Trayvon Martin's Last Moments Revealed

I was born in the projects, the hand I was dealt wasn't a great one. My father was an abusive alcoholic, and my mother a high school drop out. Add in the fact that God popped me on the Earth dead smack in the middle of the crack era, it's safe to say I grew up in a war zone.

In the hood we are told many things, which were outlined in Aloe Blacc's song "Life Is So Hard:"

"I don't buy that line that it's nature's design you different, you ugly, you evil, you wrong

you stupid, you dumb, your mind ain't too strong

your daddy ain't from here, so you don't belong

and the list goes on and on and on and on...."

I must let you know that in the slums of America you have no choice but to look suspicious. Because if you don't, you get robbed, picked on, or worse: accused of acting white. I suffered those allegations. While my baggy jeans showed off my lack of fashion sense, I headed to my gifted and talented school every day and excelled. Excelled around a group of white kids who ridiculed me every single day. They thought and assumed I was something I was not. Poor project trash who didn't belong. I wonder what George Zimmerman would think of me if he saw me in his neighborhood. I wonder if I would make it out.

Trayvon didn't have to die! Not for that, not for going to get a pack of Skittles.

It's time for a change! We must stop feeding these stereotypes by killing each other, and not by accusing our brothers and sisters of "acting white."

At the same time, white America needs to understand that our clothes and music do not define us. We are fathers, brothers and sons who want to experience the American dream as well. Right now it's just a nightmare.

~ Blog Xilla Follow Me On Twitter

Xilla is the Sr. Entertainment Editor for as well as CEO of the number 1 relationship blog He has been featured in XXL, The Source, Essence, LA Times and is considered one of the premiere bloggers in the industry. Follow him on twitter @BlogXilla

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Whas goin on everyone. Youre probably thinking, what is this about. LOL. well I just wanted to take a moment and extend my thank you to the models, staff, fans and haters for affording Black Rayne Productions such success. It has not; nor will anything worth being great at, come without challenges, disappointments and hurts. 

I wanted to just tell you a little history behind this entire progression and the mission and vision we adhere to on a daily basis. I recorded 2 of my friends fucking one day at a business meeting that was suppose to be BUSINESS ONLY. LOL yeah right! We had come to a point where we didnt really know what to do with our respective business models, so we started just cutting up and before long my two friends were fucking. So i grabbed my Samsung FLIP PHONE (lol ikr) and starting recording them. As I was taping them I got horny and started ya know...and then nutt all over my bois back but he kept on beating. (i still have that video on my cell phone...humble beginnings) 
Anyways...after that day adult entertainment was now the primary move on my agenda. Did some market research and learned that the urban gay market was lacking in a lot of area, so I decided that I wanted to produce. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. From that was birthed Ace Entertainment Group. All my friends at that time called me ACE - basically saying anything i became involved in usually became successful. (hey they gave me that name, not me). LOL. Ace Entertainment Group (AEG) was not designed primarily for "porn" but for entertainment on all fronts. I approached several of my friends which whom I had personally seen their work ethic and ability to make things happen in their own lives, professions and careers. Got some advice and drafted a 45 page Business Plan. Did some online searches and learned how to write my own. I didnt have much money at the time so I decided to throw parties for like minded dudes and raise money to put back into the business. Several of them expressed interest in doing some videos for me, because they had seen some of my clips online. I didnt have a lot of money then and expressed that to them upfront at which time they told me we believe in you and trust you. I was like...EXCELLENT! LOL. LEGGO!
So they not only did some videos but they helped with my parties and other design work that they had knowledge of. My most important component was NEVER trade QUANTITY for QUALITY. Thus the tag in our corporate logo, "quality without question". I was raised that no matter what you do and no matter how limited the resources you have, ALWAYS sign your work with EXCELLENCE! So i was meticulous at ensuring every component was perfect before I ever released a movie or clip or picture. I used what I had until funds were there to acquire better equipment; such as, cameras, computers, sound, editing software etc. Our work has gotten better, and thats because we believe leaders are learners and not only does my staff but I personally work by that directive daily. If youre going to lead you must constantly remain open for improvement and transition. Even leaders need accountability and someone who can advise them and help cultivate growth. Through this progression, never in a million years did I foresee Black Rayne Productions expand and grow at such consistent and steady rates. 
In the last 2 years of our self produced releases and DVDS our company, models, websites and DVDS have won more than 12 awards to include, BEST VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY, BEST WEBSITE for BREEDITRAW.COM, and multiple others for models, dvds and websites. I always wanted to work with great talent like Tiger Tyson and Castro and others, but we had to start small and grow. Then we began to work with models like Romance, Trap Boyy, Hotrod, Cuban Michaels, Remy Mars, Ace Rockwood, Antonio Biaggi, Slim Thug and in working with each of these STELLAR performers saw our company grow even more. 
My mission has always been 2 things - MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT and TROOP WELFARE! But you cant have one without the other. We get the job done but not at the expense of our talent. If WE do our best to take care of our models and staff, they will assist in completing the mission and thats to create TOP QUALITY MOVIES! Despite the stress that comes with owning your own business, I love what I do. 
The reason I wrote this is because so many of you out there have ambitions and dreams to do your own thing. DO IT! Let no one stop you from being great and doing something you LOVE to do instead of something you HAVE to do to get by. Being successful does not come with out toil and labor. It does take WORK and those who have the intestinal fortitude to handle the pressure can always rise to the top. Work with integrity, treat people right and PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!!! No one will ever know about your dream if you dont let it be known. 
I started with a cellphone camera, you may have a microphone or a computer, a hammer or maybe just an idea or a thought. Whatever it is, be diligent and do it honestly. BUT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO AND NO MATTER HOW LIMITED THE RESOURCES YOU HAVE - ALWAYS SIGN YOUR WORK WITH EXCELLENCE!

Que Santiago

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#MANdingoMondays Mobility Made Easy
#MANdingoMondays Mobility Made Easy
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#MANdingoMondays & #Mans Best #Friend!
#MANdingoMondays & #Mans Best #Friend!
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#Black #Man Blocks on #MANdingoMondays
#Black #Man Blocks on #MANdingoMondays
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#MANdingoMondays MesmerEYESing
#MANdingoMondays MesmerEYESing
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NO SHADE on #MANdingoMondays
NO SHADE on #MANdingoMondays
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People have a right to pursue happiness.

People have a right to pursue happiness.

The Cure For Homophobia

The "real" cure for homophobia.... U need to watch this, you will laugh, I swear!

Sexual Roles

Sexual Roles

Saw this wonderful post on Black is Bootyful and decided to share it, some editing has been done.

With that being said, class is now in session! Welcome to Gay 101! Today's Lesson: Sexual Roles. You might wanna take notes...

Types of Tops:

1. Total Top—this kind of man is exclusive to PENETRATING during sex (Anally and Orally). He has no sexual desire to be penetrated. Therefore, he does not exchange Oral Sex. For example: Bam A.K.A. Mr. Big

Power Top—one who is known for great skill and especially aggressiveness in Topping. He also reciprocates Oral Sex. For example: Bobby Blake.

3. Service Top—is one who Tops under the direction of an eager Bottom (see “Bottom”). For example: Gene Lamar

(all 3 Porn Stars I just mentioned are LEGENDS in Black/Interracial Gay Porn)

Frotage (Sword Fighting) is very popular among Tops

***Note: getting Rimmed/Ate Out (Analingus) is the closest these first 2 Tops will ever come to being penetrated. Tops are also stereotyped as the most masculine of the sexual roles.

My Favorite Tops include:

Diesel Washington

Daddy (BlackRayneProductions)

Marc Williams (though he dabbles. See "Versatile")

Tiger Tyson

Ty Lattimore

Types of Bottoms:

1. Total Bottom—the polar-opposite of a Total Top: they have no sexual desire to penetrate Anally or Orally. Think of your average "receiver" in a sexual party.

Power Bottom—although they still receive penetration, they maintain an aggressive and especially dominating attitude. Oral Sex is exchanged only at their discretion. Race Cooper is famous for this

3. Dyke-Bottom—these are an acquired taste of Bottoms who are willing to engage in sex with another Bottom. In this case, Oral Sex is primarily exchanged; any penetrating is either done with fingers or Toys. (I.E. in a scene where 2 men are engaging in double-dildo action).

Extreme Bottoms--enjoy being fisted or in some way having their asshole "abused". Professor Cogito isn't into all that... ouch...
***Note: Orally penetrating/ Fingering/Toying a sexual partner is the closest a true Bottom ever comes to “penetration” in that sense. Bottoms are stereotyped as the least masculine of the sexual roles.

Types of Versatiles:

1. Total Vers—A man who Tops and Bottoms, depending on the sexual situation. Such as Scott Alexander

Vers Top—Primarily a “Top” who occasionally Bottoms.

Vers Bottom—Primarily a “Bottom” who occasionally Tops.

***Note: a true Vers is not concerned with any one specific sexual role.

Final Notes: I've noticed an increasing trend in men who do not stick to any one specific role. In the past, it was a genuine consensus that you knew what role you played, and you stuck to it. But Sexuality should always be explored and shaped and changed-- if you want to fully enjoy all the great things about it. If you don't find yourself fitting one specific role--that's the point of today's lesson!

Most probably identify with being a Vers Bottom... contact the author on



Monday, March 12, 2012

65% of Gay Men Are Bottoms.

by Davey Wavey

We’ve all heard gay men teasing each other about being bottoms. In fact, I’m often told that my Mini Cooper is a “bottom-mobile.” While these jabs are often silly and lighthearted, I’ve speculated that this teasing arises from our own insecurities about bottoming – and, perhaps, our own masculinity or femininity issues.
This afternoon, while on the train back to Rhode Island from New York City, I read some research that might shed a little light on the situation.

First, the authors found that most gay men are attracted to masculinity.

To say that most gay men idolize masculinity isn’t politically correct. But when you spend any amount of time (and I have) perusing the adult content we consume, you’ll find plenty of evidence to support this theory. Think of how many cowboys, firemen, military men and football players you’ve seen in porn – and how the hair stylists, ballet dancers or makeup artists never seem to make the cut. And it goes beyond the stereotypically masculine professions; there are any number of “straight boy” websites (i.e., “Bait Bus”), that are geared towards a gay audience.

Of course, there’s still plenty of loving for flamboyant guys. As I’ve mentioned before, my friend Matt loves feminine men – and personally, I can see the attraction. But there’s no question that masculinity is a huge turn on for many gay men.

Second, the authors found that the majority of gay men are bottoms.

Whenever I visit a city, I often hear gay men say that it’s full of bottoms. In Boston, I’ve heard, “Boston is full of bottoms.” Turns out, they say the same thing about New York, San Francisco and just about everywhere else I’ve been. Maybe it doesn’t have to do with geography; maybe gay men just like getting banged.
According to analysis of gay dating sites, about 65% of gay men were looking to bottom. The remaining 35% were tops. The data does’t lie. And so I think it’s very interesting that though so many of us worship masculinity, we prefer the traditionally more female role of being penetrated and submitting.

I can’t help but think that idolizing masculinity and preferring to bottom puts a fairly large pool of gay men in a rather strange predicament. If you’re put off by femininity in others, it’s logical to speculate that you may dislike it in yourself. Perhaps, as gay men, we hate how much we love to bottom.

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Reason behind closedown:

An old school amgia scene friend of mine was the co founder of MegaUpload.
I also was a former friend from mr dotcom - in fact i introduced them to each other.
I didn't talk to mr dotcom since 2000 but i was in frequent contact to the co-founder of Mega - last time just some days before the bust.
He is also a very good programmer so i shared technical details about via phone and emails.

I don't have to say which people are able to read those emails. I don't want to say, we are all just glass!

At the time of co-founder's release on bail the problems begun…..
This could be just a "funny" coincidence.

Therefor i had some talks to my lawyers and finally decided to quit! It is time to move on.

I like to thank the whole team and all my users for their steady support from the beginning! You were PART OF the biggest gay porn tracker on the net with over 400.000 Peers at closing time and over 43.000 movies online and more than 10.000 different users every day.

Yesterday it was finally very very emotional for me, closing both sites and while logged into my servers. I will miss the team, users and the site - the same way like you do!

former Siteowner



Get ready people Totalenjoyment Easter Fiesta sunday 8th April 2012 @ Savera's Club on Roebuck St Bridgetown Admis:$40 Drinks Free great dj music to keep you dancing all night come have a good time we going form 11PM until

image e-magazine

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drama queenz

Officially sponsored by MY TURN, the debut novel by Nathan Seven Scott. Visit or to buy your copy today.

What had happened!?! The boyz recount the last 24 hours of their lives in true "drama queenz" fashion. Davis takes another swing at love, Preston tries to salvage his, and Jeremiah confronts his own.

Featuring the hit songs "Lock Me Away" by Arin Maya ( and SoHo by Swanny River (

DQz Theme Song "Celebrity" by baron (

Visit or for more info!

Special Thanks to for their support.

Copyright 2012


The Miss Galaxy World Pageant

Please be Advised, Deadline for Registration for The Miss Galaxy World Pageant is March 30th 2011.......Spectators/Supporters Save this Date....This Year is gonna be even Bigger and Better!!!!

Africa’s ‘first gay billboard’ unveiled

The organisers of Mr Gay World believe they had unveiled the first ever gay-themed billboard in Africa.
The placard went up near Melrose Arch on M1 South in Johannesburg yesterday and is not the competition’s second ‘first’.
Mr Gay World had been celebrating having its first ever black contestants in the 2012 event.
Representatives had been confirmed from Namibia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.
Coenie Kukkuk, Africa Director for Mr. Gay World told “It’s a major development. It’s the first time that black Africans will participate, which sends out a powerful message of hope to LGBTI people in Africa.”
Shortly after, the delegate for Zimbabwe, Taurai Zhanje, was forced to pull out for personal reasons.
Organisers praised his “very brave stand against the oppression of the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersex persons and we have to respect his decision”.
A South African man won Mr Gay World in 2010 and 2011 and so the country will host the competition again this year.
The 2012 Mr Gay World competition will be held in its largest city, Johannesburg, from 4 to 8 April.
The competition says it aims “to advance national and international gay rights through education and public performance”.
In December last year, shortly after he was crowned the first-ever Mr. Gay Namibia, Hamutenya was assaulted by men who demanded his winnings.