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Perhaps no other word in the area of human behavior is used with suchimprecision. First let’s talk about what bisexuality does not mean. In the classical culture of ancient Greece and Rome, many adult men were bisexual in that they were married to women and had adolescent boys as lovers. This arrangement was probably responsible for some of the great epic and lyric poetry of Hellenic times. There was always an age difference between the males, and the older man had to play the “active” and “masculine” role in intercourse. If he wanted to play the “passive” or “feminine” role (he wanted to get fucked), he became an object of ridicule. This kind of sexual arrangement is generally considered pederasty (sex with adolescents) and should not be confused with the sort of bisexuality we want to discuss.
Similarly, we’re not talking about sex between men who are normally heterosexual but because of sexual deprivation (in prison, say) turn to one another. Nor would we call a man bisexual who has sex exclusively with men although he is capable of great emotional intimacy with women. We do not subscribe to Freud’s theory of bisexuality, that everyone is bisexual at birth but at a certain point is unconsciously forced to choose either heterosexuality or homosexuality. Freud, like many of his age and culture, believed that the only correct choice was heterosexuality.
Nor are we talking about the so-called bisexuality of closeted gay men. Many homosexual men pose as bisexuals though they have sex only with other men. Their “bisexuality” is a convenient if dishonest passport into heterosexual respectability: It’s often assumed for business or social reasons.
What, then, is a bisexual? A bisexual is someone who has sexual relationships with both sexes. A bisexual can have affairs with men and women simultaneously. Other bisexuals have long homosexual affairs that may last for years; the bisexual will then enter into an equivalent long-term heterosexual relationship. Obviously these arrangements may be fraught with complications.
One great advantage to bisexuality is that it enables someone to play very different emotional and sexual roles. With a woman, the bisexual might be fatherly and assertive, and with another man, childlike and passive. With a woman he might be open, cheerful, and confiding, a true partner in the complex relationship, and with a man he might be impersonal, anonymous, and passionately animal. Or he might be tender and supportive with a younger man and rather rough and competitive with an older woman. Homosexuality might be reserved for lasting relationships and heterosexuality for occasional thrills, or vice versa.
The possibilities are various, and not all of them entail a clear separation between sexual and psychic response. Some bisexual men have arrived at the blend of the traits usually considered “masculine” and “feminine.” They react to members of either sex in much the same way.
There are some problems in this polymorphous paradise. Truly bisexual men and women belong to one of the most persecuted groups in society. Both gays and straights find them confusing, and their very existence threatens widely held preconceptions. Many heterosexuals secretly believe that if a homosexual could know the joys of straight life, he would be an instant convert. Conversely, many gay men consider their own lives so clearly superior to the “dullness” of heterosexuality that they ascribe bisexuality to hypocrisy or cowardice. And bisexuals are more often accused of being “promiscuous” than straight or gay men (see Promiscuity).
Gay life constitutes a genuine society complete with its own slang, humor, mating rituals, and gathering places—even, in larger cities, its own economy. Such readymade institutions do not exist for bisexuals. They must carefully pick and choose straight and gay friends to shape a life tolerant of their catholic tastes.
For some men, bisexuality is simply a transitional stage between heterosexuality and homosexuality. The joke goes like this: A bisexual is a guy who is cuter than his (female) date. Bisexuality can provide a resting place for assessing one’s feelings and values, as well as the reactions of one’s friends and family. But if the pose is maintained too long, it can become an act of bad faith, of self-deception, and the source of pain.
What if a man who has been happily homosexual for years finds himself attracted to a woman? Should you have an affair with her? If there’s a real sexual attraction, why not? Should you tell her about your homosexuality? Most men won’t, but then most men seldom talk about their past with women they have just met. But should you continue the affair, and if she begins to become emotionally attached, you should tell her. She may back out; she may try to “cure” you, in which case set her gently but firmly in place. If you’re lucky, she may simply take you at face value and your relationship moment by moment. What if you enter an affair with a man who has been heterosexual till now? From time to time straight men, especially if they are sophisticated and live in big cities, do develop a crush on a man they know to be gay (see Married Men; Sex with Straight Men). If you find the man attractive, there is no reason not to go ahead. But if you know his wife or steady woman friend, you may find yourself entering a romantic triangle not very different from an all-straight or all-gay one. Be prepared to lose both his friendship and hers.
Once you have your new bisexual male in bed, you’ll probably be surprised by

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Barbados Crop Over Festival

Barbados Crop Over Festival
The Sweetest Summer Festival!
Wed 1
Folk Concert
Thu 2
Crop Over Visual Arts Festival Evening of Interpretation
Fri 3
Bridgetown Market
Fri 3
Pic‐O‐De-Crop Finals
Sat 4
Foreday Morning Jam
Sat 4
Bridgetown Market
Sun 5
Bridgetown Market
Sun 5
Mon 6
Grand Kadooment
For Barbadians and visitors who have joined in the summer festival known as Crop Over, there is nothing to compare with the experiences. That is why this one of a kind feeling is described as ‘The Sweetest Summer Festival”

Crop Over 2011 is fast approaching with the start date on Saturday, July 2. In the BNB Official Opening Gala and Ceremonial Delivery of Last Canes, tradition comes to life with the re-enactment of some of the practices that once held in the plantation life of the island. This event begins in mid afternoon with a procession of dancers, characters, musicians, vintage cars and on occasions decorated floats which pass through the City’s centre captivating the attention of by-standers. Once inside the Queen’s Park the action takes to the main stage in a riot of colour and frenzied performances. All throughout the Park there are exhibits of old Barbados, rivaled by new and emerging features. There is something for everyone ranging from culinary delights, to games and delightful fashions.

This year, there are over thirty events on the Crop Over calendar bringing a mixed offering of cultural delights. Visual and Fine artists exalt themselves in the exhibitions of the Crop Over Visual Arts Festival, planned for major locations across Bridgetown, including The Grande Salle of the Central Bank of Barbados and the Queen’s Park Gallery. The line-up of local and international spoken word artists is guaranteed to electrify the George Washington House in this year’s Crop Over Read In! the fastest growing event on the calendar since its new format was introduced in 2009.

Few words can capture the euphoria of the Steel Pan events; Bridgetown Alive Pantabulous, Pan in the City, Pan Pun De Sand and now a premier showcase where Pan meets Jazz at Ilaro Court. Prepare for Pan Fusion, an evening that will hold you in musical rapture as Barbados’ own Arturo Tappin fuses the mellow of his saxophone with the sultry passages of Steel Pan melodies played out by Victor Provost and Liam Teague.

Bridgetown is unquestionably one of the prettiest towns in the Caribbean, with a history that is very interesting. The Heritage Lecture and West Wing Tour ushers you into its past, one that holds the stories of some of those stalwarts who decided Barbados’ fate, in the Parliament Buildings that are definitely an architectural masterpiece.

The hustle and bustle of the city is taken away for one day when no traffic will be allowed along the streets. The Bridgetown Dooflicky is the occasion for street performances, exhibition matches in Barbados’ much heralded indigenous sport ‘road tennis’ and stalls and stores will flourish with brisk business, to the advantage of those seeking bargains, adventure and fun.

The return of the Folk and Gospel Concerts signals that the calls for a trip down memory lane have been answered, as not one but three shows have been included. The home of the original Folk Concerts, The Queen’s Park Steel Shed, has been immaculately restored and to celebrate this, there will be the first of the two concerts on Tuesday, July 19 followed by the Gospel Concert on Wednesday, July 20. The Heritage Folk Concert concludes the series on Tuesday, July 26 at the Charles Fort, Hilton Barbados.

Calypso drives the Festival with its infectious beat and rhythms, and the tents are the best place to go for a sample of the music that rules. Ask and you will receive directions to any one of the many tents that pitch to show off their performers. You will be especially enthralled with the Junior Calypso Monarchs, who it seems, are determined not to be outdone by their seniors.

The Junior Monarch Tents, Semi-Finals and Finals are ‘must see’ events. Equally inspiring is the costume parade of the pint sized cuties in Junior Kadooment which is held at the island’s National Stadium.

As the season boils to a climax, the action can only be contained in the scenic country side miles away from the Capital. It is the place for the Soca Royale, the biggest outdoor show of the season. A Day/Night affair Soca Royale features two competitions in one inferno of performances. Before the Soca wars begin, you are taken back to some of the vintage Soca hits, reviving memories of the songs that once energized the dance floors. Then, as the pitch reaches a high point it will jump into hyper gear with the Sweet Soca Monarch and Party Monarch Competitions. You can immerse yourself in the heat of the battle or recede to the quiet of the gentle slopes, under a tent and beside a picnic basket and cooler filled with drinks. Don’t worry about the children, there is a play corner expertly crafted just for them.

There is no time to cool down after the winners are announced in the Soca Royale. Now it’s on the famed Kensington Oval, for the round of Calypso Monarch’s Competition to decide on a King or a Queen. An island holds its breathe for the announcement of the Monarch, which when it eventual happens, sets off scenes of jubilation which pour into the streets as Bajans chip in a Foreday Morning Jam along the Spring Garden Highway.

Following a short respite to allow for a bath and change of clothes the next show is Cohobblopot, the stage where the most popular local acts of the season team up with international stars to ignite even more fireworks into the early morning of Grand Kadooment, a day of unbridled merriment played out in costumes depicting the fantasies of the world. The ‘jump’ is the final activity of a season that makes Crop Over
The Sweetest Summer Festival!


See-Thru You on Sexy Saturdays
See-Thru You on Sexy Saturdays
Photo 22 Apr 14 notes See why I go BLACK 2 @BigMUSCLE on Sexy Saturdays?
See why I go BLACK 2 @BigMUSCLE on Sexy Saturdays?
Photo 22 Apr 7 notes Sexy Saturdays @BigMuscle Shorty
Sexy Saturdays @BigMuscle Shorty
Photo 22 Apr 13 notes Spy Cam Sexy Saturdays @SneakPics @TapThatGuy
Spy Cam Sexy Saturdays @SneakPics @TapThatGuy
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Brown Sugar mOlASSes Sexy Saturdays
Photo 22 Apr 14 notes FUCKing Familiar for my Sexy Saturdays BUTT I Won’t MENtion a Name
FUCKing Familiar for my Sexy Saturdays BUTT I Won’t MENtion a Name
Photo 22 Apr 6 notes Big UP to @JockBUTT for Sexy Saturdays
Big UP to @JockBUTT for Sexy Saturdays
Photo 22 Apr 5 notes Sexy Saturdays Stayover
Sexy Saturdays Stayover

Chris Evans On Gay Marriage: 'In 10 Years We'll Be Ashamed That This Was An Issue'

Chris Evans Gay Marriage
Actor Chris Evans is currently in the middle of a publicity blitz for the film "The Avengers," in which he reprises his role as Captain America.
Among his many promotional interviews, Evans recently chatted with Playboy about everything from losing his virginity to his dental hygiene.
The actor, whose brother, Scott Evans, is gay and who Chris accidentally outed in an interview with The Advocate, also sounded off on his support of marriage equality and his disappointment that gay men and women are still unable marry in most states.
When asked about his feelings on marriage equality Evans stated:

"Are you kidding me? It's insane that civil rights are being denied people in this day and age. It's embarrassing, and it's heartbreaking. It goes without saying that I'm completely in support of gay marriage. In 10 years we'll be ashamed that this was an issue."

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(BlackMediaScoop) WELL, WELL, WELL! After months of NO comment, Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines are finally speaking out about those reports of them hooking and engaged to be married.
The 74-year-old Oscar winner and the 29-year-old granddaughter of Freeman’s first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw say the rumors are FALSE!
“The recent reports of any pending marriage or romantic relationship of me to anyone are defamatory fabrications from the tabloid media design to sell papers,” Freeman said in a statement obtained by BMS. “What is even more alarming is that these fabrications are now being [picked up] by the legitimate press as well.”
“These stories about me and my grandfather are not only untrue, they are also very hurtful to me and my family”, says the step-granddaughter.
The National Enquirer latched on to the idea of a romance between them back in 2009.
The Million Dollar Baby star and Bradshaw divorced in 1979 after 12 years of marriage. He and second wife Myrna Colley-Lee split up in 2007 and finalized their divorce in September 2010.
What do you thinK?

Before They Were Famous: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj
Brad Barket, Getty Images
In the few short years since she rose to superstar status, Nicki Minaj has cemented herself as the leading rapstress in contemporary hip-hop and pop. Although she’s currently riding high on the wave of success, life wasn’t always so peachy for the ‘Pink Friday’ hitmaker.

Nicki Minaj was born Onika Tanya Maraj on Dec. 8, 1982 in Saint James, which is a suburb Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. She lived with her grandmother while her parents searched for a home in the U.S., and when she was five, she and her family moved to south Jamaica Queens.

As a kid growing up in New York City, Minaj did not have an easy childhood, and it wasn’t just because she lived in a tough neighborhood. Her father was abusive and addicted to drugs, and Minaj spoke to The Sun about what it was like growing up in her household. “All of my young and teenage early years we lived in fear that my mother would be killed by my father. It was ridiculous,” Minaj said. “It was very tough emotionally for me to have a parent who was an alcoholic and a drug addict… My father was violent — physically and verbally.”

She also spoke to Rolling Stone about her father, saying, “When I first came to America, I would go in my room and kneel down at the foot of my bed and pray that God would make me rich so I could take care of my mother. Because I always felt like if I took care of my mother, my mother wouldn’t have to stay with my father, and he was the one, at that time, that was bringing us pain.”

However, despite the difficulties she had to face at home, she was able to channel her emotions into creative outlets like acting and her number one love, music. The Harajuku Barbie played clarinet in middle school, and she attended the prestigious LaGuardia High School in N.Y.C. to study drama — it’s easy to see why Ms. Minaj would’ve been a great theater student, as evidenced by her quirky personas and expressive faces. However, she ultimately decided to pursue a career in rap.

After working her famous booty off trying to land a record deal and get her material heard by producers, in 2007 she released her first mixtape ‘Playtime Is Over,’ which featured the collaborative Lil Wayne track ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.’ Then in 2008, she dropped her second mixtape ‘Sucka Free.’

After releasing more mixtapes and gaining more and more recognition from critics and fans, Minaj finally signed with Young Money Entertainment in 2009 with the help of her buddy Weezy. Nowadays, she keeps busy releasing chart-topping records, selling out shows, collaborating with anybody who’s anybody and starting new fashion crazes. Just like her song says, Ms. Minaj is a “starship” who was destined to fly all the way to top!

Chris Brown Death Hoax Spreads Over YouTube and Twitter

Chris Brown
Kevin Winter, Getty Images
A lot of people dislike Chris Brown. A lot of people use the Internet. What happens when these people are one and the same? Yet another Breezy death hoax.
This isn’t the first time Brown has died on Twitter. Last month, the microblogging giant “killed” the ‘Turn Up the Music’ singer following his own post-Grammy Twitter rant. However, this is the first time his death spread to multiple social networks.
E! Online reports that Breezy’s haters took to not one, but two Internet mediums to spread rumors of his would-be untimely passing. While most death hoaxes find their homes on Twitter, Brown’s foes didn’t stop there.
They also directed their attention to Brown’s YouTube page, posting comments on each of his videos with things like “rest in peace,” causing Team Breezy members to panic. “I CANT BELIEVE HE WUD SHOT IN DA HEAD!! WHAT DID WORLD COMING 2? SEE U IN DA NEXT LIFE CHRIS,” another wrote.
Why is everyone so mad? One YouTube comment in particular sheds some light on why a lot of the public is holding a grudge against the star. “R.I.P Chris Brown. You will always be remembered as the woman beater you were.” Though the actual victim of Brown’s assault, then-girlfriend Rihanna, may be past it, the rest of world isn’t.
Fans of Brown tried their best to quiet to the metaphorical murderers, but were oft out-commented. One wrote, “He’s alive because he was on twitter about like 37 minutes ago .. So all of those s—-y stuff, that people are saying are just lies … BREEZY IS ALIVE PEOPLE!”
Brown has yet to comment on the incident — and if he’s learned anything from last time, he probably won’t bother. Rest assured he is alive and well, but we can bet he ain’t happy.

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Phone Sex 101 - A Short FAQ List

People are sexual creatures, so its no surprise that almost every new invention is given a sexual spin on its original purpose. Sex was probably the last thing on Alexander Graham Bells mind when he invented the telephone, but that doesn't make phone sex any less exciting.
Whats phone sex anyway?
For the sake of clarity, phone sex is defined as a phone conversation that aims to sexually arouse and stimulate the people involved. Most of the time, masturbation and orgasms are involved, but that mostly depends on the tastes of the callers. It doesn't matter if the phone call starts innocently as long as theres erotic content thats meant to stimulate both parties (or more, if you have conference call capabilities) its definitely considered as phone sex.
Should I pay for phone sex?
That depends. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is up for it, then you don't have to pay for quality phone sex. In fact, phone sex could be a good way to spice up your relationship. Other people with no sexual partners can find a friend or acquaintance who wouldn't mind having phone sex with them. However, many people turn to phone sex when they either don't want or don't have a sexual partner. In this case, you can call a professional for phone sex services. Another alternative is to visit a website meant for people who want to find phone sex partners. Keep in mind that most people who have phone sex with strangers have no intention of scheduling a face to face meeting.
How do I initiate phone sex with someone I know?
Its best not to take it too seriously if you've never tried it with a specific person before. If you're uncomfortable, be humorous about it make your phone sex offer sound like a joke. Its also a good idea to close your eyes and actually imagine that the person you're speaking with is actually next to you. If you're having a hard time doing this, make your physical environment conducive to sex. Light up some scented candles, put on some sexy music, etc. use whatever turns you on. The important thing is for both parties to feel comfortable and sexy in their respective locations. Once you've established this, you're good to go.
*Simple phone sex tip: If you're not sure how to get started, you can tell your partner about things that you wish were happening. Example: I wish we were lying together naked right now. Or I wish I could press my body against yours.
I'm not sure how to do this right, do you have any pointers?
Just like physical sexual contact, you need to develop a refined technique to turn on your partner. Your success depends mostly on how well you describe scenarios, as well as how vividly you visualize. Timing is very important. As with real-life sex, you have to get a rhythm down. This is why you shouldn't have phone sex when you're in a hurry. Quickies almost never work via phone sex, mostly because phone sex is most successful when expectations and excitement are built up.
Its also important to be considerate of the other person, to make sure that they're actually in the mood for phone sex. Chat about mundane things for a while and get to know more about their day, because initiating phone sex when someones dog just died never really works.
It helps to keep your language casual. Avoid sounding too technical by saying things like I want to slide my penis into your vagina. Its better if you can add a slang-type spin on the way you say these things.
When it comes to technique, the key is to be graphic but believable. Make sure that the moves you make are realistic, and that you keep in track of what position you're currently in. After all, you don't want to be interrupted by the other person saying How did that happen? I thought your hand was on my thigh?! Needless to say, you need to keep your graphic descriptions simple. Very long and complicated descriptions tend to confuse a lot of people. You don't want to sound like a badly translated electronics manual from China.
What are the advantages of having phone sex?
If you're having phone sex with someone you're in a relationship with, its a good way to tell your partner about your sexual fantasies. It also spices up your relationship, especially since most people forget to sexually indulge their partner in an auditory way (ex. Talking dirty, etc). This is also beneficial to long distance relationships, or couples with busy schedules. But remember phone sex shouldn't be the only way you satisfy your partner.
For those who have casual phone sex with acquaintances or strangers, the advantage is that you can do as much of it as you can without worrying about STDs and such. Its also a good way to learn new tricks that you can apply in bed when you have a chance.
What are disadvantages of having phone sex?
The trouble with phone sex, as with most good things, is that some people get addicted to it. When you spend too much time doing it via phone, that would give you less time to do it physically. You might even kill your sensitivity to a current/potential partners physical and emotional needs. Also, if you're using paid phone sex hotlines, you might incur too many expenses.

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men men

Thug AZZ Thursdays Delivery Boy
Thug AZZ Thursdays Delivery Boy
Photo 5 Apr 34 notes Thick & Brick Thursdays starts @guyswithiPhones
Thick & Brick Thursdays starts @guyswithiPhones
Photo 5 Apr 18 notes Boy-Next-Door bOOty on a Happy Hump Day
Boy-Next-Door bOOty on a Happy Hump Day
Photo 5 Apr 50 notes You’re in for a LONG night if you FUCK with me on Wang Wednesdays!
You’re in for a LONG night if you FUCK with me on Wang Wednesdays!
Photo 5 Apr 11 notes Hump Day R&R
Hump Day R&R
Photo 5 Apr 12 notes Happy Hump Day from your rOOMmate’s rear…
Happy Hump Day from your rOOMmate’s rear…
Photo 5 Apr 18 notes There’ll NEVER be an END to Happy Hump Days!
There’ll NEVER be an END to Happy Hump Days!

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LIME drops ‘Potential Kidd’ over offensive lyrics

2012-04-03 22:43:18 | (0 Comments)

Telecommunications company LIME has dropped emerging artiste ‘Potential Kidd’ from a promotion which would involve the artiste performing at a school concert.

In a release issued this evening, LIME said following concern about the content of the unedited version of Kidd’s single Ah Yah So Nice, it decided to facilitate a meeting between the artiste and some people who were troubled by the lyrics.

In a message posted on its social media pages, LIME said, after analyzing the unedited version of the song, it agreed that the lyrics were unacceptable.

“What we would want is for our artistes to express themselves freely but responsibly and we think civil society can play a big role in this regard,” said LIME Jamaica’s Managing Director, Garry Sinclair.

Sinclair also said LIME does not support any idea or sentiment that promotes unlawful or anti-social behaviour against any person in the society.

Potential Kidd has reportedly apologized to persons who may have been offended by the lyrics.

“I do not support violence against women or homosexuals,” he is quoted as saying in a release from LIME.

The development comes shortly after LIME made changes to a ‘Champs’-related campaign which featured Potential Kidd.