Sunday, May 20, 2012

Minister for legal abortion;gay rights

Minister for legal abortion;gay rights Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister for Gender Affairs Senator Verna St Rose Greaves

Thu, May 17, 2012 - 8:00 AM

PORT OF SPAIN - Describing abortion and gay rights as “two elephants in the room”, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister for Gender Affairs Senator Verna St Rose Greaves has thrown her personal support behind their decriminalisation, insisting that the country can no longer choose to ignore them as urgent human rights and public health issues.
But the coalition government minister also stressed that her position was not necessarily that of the Kamla Persad Bissessar administration and that it was up to Cabinet to decide.
 “We open up the issue so that people can express their views without getting beaten up. Once you have a view that is different in this country, there is a tendency that people beat up on you and then you go quiet because you are afraid of what will come,” she told a consultation on the government’s national gender policy yesterday.
“The figures at the hospital are there. They are astounding of how many backstreet abortions, poor women who cannot afford to get proper health care, teenagers who are afraid to come out and say that they are pregnant. They do things that harm themselves and we must pay attention to that,” St. Rose Greaves said.
She acknowledged that the draft policy on gender and development was often held up by the two issues, which she described as "the two elephants in the room". (CMC)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Change laws against gays!

Change laws against gays!

Change laws against gays! United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. (FP)

Fri, May 18, 2012 - 12:09 AM

AS THE WORLD marked International Day Against Homophobia yesterday, Barbados and scores of other countries were again urged to repeal laws that discriminate against homosexuality as a matter of urgency.
The call came from United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who insisted that decriminalizing consensual same-sex relationships was long overdue.
Although homosexuality itself is not illegal in Barbados, under Section 9 of the Sexual Offences Act 1992 “any person who commits buggery is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for life”.
“We cannot let these abuses stand. We know what needs to be done. States must repeal discriminatory laws and ban discriminatory practices: punish violence and hatred . . . not love,” said Pillay, who recently visited Barbados and highlighted human rights concerns related to discrimination, stigmatization and marginalization.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Music : R.I.P Donna Summer

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Donna Summer passed away this morning at her home in Florida. She was battling breast cancer and was trying to keep it the more secret possible.
The Queen of disco was actually working on a new album.
Her biggest hits include “Hot Stuff”, “Bad Girls”, “No More Tears” with Barbra Streisand and “Last Dance”, my personal favorite from this 5 time Grammy Award winner.
The gorgeous woman inspired other singers of her generation and many others after. Her legacy will live on!
May she rest in peace!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The 5 Signs Of “A Gay”

The 5 Signs Of “A Gay”

The mainstream is obsessed with gay men. But some people, no matter how obvious, cannot spot a gay guy. If this is you, here is how you can tell if you’ve seen one.
He will…

1. Possess undying love for a female performer

Gay men are “stans” for their favorite female artist. If said artist makes one song that they can’t seem to take off repeat, their life suddenly surrounds the artist’s every move or fabled accomplishments. Try in any way to disparage their idol, and the consequences will be dire. Be prepared for the stan to articulate their favorite’s volume of album sales, by country and date. Hell, they may just ask that you sit tight while they go print off the artist’s resume (which of course they carry on a flash drive). For practical reasons, the reader should know stans have different levels of obsession, varying by artist. It is well known that Beyoncé stans are the worst offenders, as she has even had to chastise them for their sometimes violent devotion. Britney Spears’ stans are a close second. And yes, as ridiculous as it may seem, they are gay men of a certain age who are still stans for Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, and Cher. Because of the love for their favorite performer, Grammy and/or Oscar Sundays are, in a gay man’s eyes, holier than the Sabbath itself. Employers are advised to give these men the entire week off in preparation for their devotional services.

2. Dress above his income bracket

For a gay man, nothing says “I’m better than you” than his daily attire. In the most extreme cases, the gay man will go without food (though this could be for other, personal reasons), and dodge monthly bills to purchase the latest labels. You may be able to call him many things, talk about his car, or his momma for that matter, but you won’t dare say he does not look absolutely fabulous today.

3. Engage in “TEA” spilling

All gay men, whether they want to admit it or not, love getting the “T.”  For those who don’t know, the “T” or tea is simply a term for gossip. Although there is no consensus on whether “T” or “tea” is the proper use of the term, many prefer the latter. It has become common vernacular among gay men and straight women alike. Many people claim to hate hearing someone’s tea, yet they’ll never cover their ears or leave the room in the course of a spill. Rather, they stick around, have a few cups, and then criticize the person who brewed the nourishing beverage. No matter how you may feel about a gay man who always seems to serve tea on someone, it will serve you well to keep them within reach. Because, in their own right, these men have more information than the entire United States intelligence community on anyone you could possibly imagine. If you need the tea on someone, just give the Bureau three business days to process your request ― you won’t be disappointed. Although it’s wise to take everything they say with a grain of salt, usually, I’ve found that where there’s smoke, a fire is nearby.

3B. Read you like a book

Gay men have always had it hard. From childhood, we’re told that we’re worthless, and destined for Hell. For the vast majority of gay men, having to overcome constant ridicule and avoid suicide, we become accustomed to making ourselves laugh, as well as others. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a gay man who isn’t an observational or dark-humored comedian. Their niche act usually consists of soul-crushing sarcasm and bitchy put-downs. After years of being grilled by society, we’ve become experts at it. Cross a gay guy and you’ll most certainly be embarrassed, especially since he likely knows your tea.

4. Always have his cellular phone in hand

After all, this is how the Bureau maintains its operation. A gay man’s cell phone is the equivalent of a government Blackberry. It is filled with damaging information and self-destructs upon being misplaced.  So much tea is served via text message, especially if a gay man is in a room filled with “trade” (another topic, for another day), and one or two other gay men. Other than emergencies (fashion or otherwise), cell phones are strictly for the transfer of tea or the scheduling of tea parties.

5. Be accompanied by a band of females

Most people believe that gay men choose to surround themselves with women. Quite the contrary, as these men are ironically chick magnets. It starts out by the woman being attracted to them, if she doesn’t already suspect that they are gay. Overtime, however, she usually becomes aware of the fact that men are probably among their many shared interests. From that point, the two become inseparable, and the woman undergoes an intriguing evolutionary process of becoming a “fag hag.” Women known as fag hags are usually a spirited bunch.  Like their gay male companions, they always wear the latest fashions, have the tea on someone, and are usually stans for their favorite celebrity, though usually a male singer or actor.  In a prior life, they too were gay men. Hags are usually very protective and territorial of their fags, and vice versa.

Do you agree with these signs? What are some other signs of a gay man? Spill the tea!

Is Monogamy Overrated?

Is Monogamy Overrated?

Monogamy may seem overrated due to the influx of celebrities speaking about their open relationships, but “is monogamy overrated?” isn’t even the right question to ask. What should be asked is, “what do you want?” and “what are you looking for?” The whole notion of anything being overrated is based upon other people’s opinions and views. When it comes to relationships and sex, it should solely be about your wants and needs. It shouldn’t have anything to do with someone else and their opinions. With that said, figure out exactly what you want and what you’re looking for. Once you figure that out, you should know if monogamy or an open relationship/polygamy is for you. Not matter what you choose, remember that you make your own rules. Relationships should not be about what society, your family or friends deem acceptable or as what’s hot.
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s weigh the options. Anytime that you can truly only be with one person, it’s a beautiful thing. If you can be with other people and still have unwavering love for someone, that’s beautiful too. So what does that mean? Again, it all goes back to what you want.
There’s nothing like being able to come home to someone who you love and who loves you back. While being able to bring several people home may be exciting, what does it really mean if there isn’t any love there? Or could there be? We all love our family, which involves loving several people. So it may be very possible to love several people on an intimate level.
While some polyamorous relationships are about not limiting love, what would be your reasoning for doing it? Would you date several people for a diverse sex life and to constantly keep things fresh? Or would you date several people for some type of emotional fulfillment? Speaking of emotions, when you grow to truly love someone, you usually begin to desire them in every way, shape or form; on the flip side, as much as we all would love to have partners that only desire us, it’s extremely unrealistic. It’s only natural to be attracted to different people, but it’s not always beneficial to act upon every attraction. What looks good to us may not necessarily be good for us. With that said, here are some pros and cons to monogamy and open relationships/polygamy: 


  • Dating isn’t always fun. Sometimes, dating one person can be stressful, so keeping the issues, emotions, etc., to a minimum will reduce your stress.
  • Dating costs money. If you’re only dating/ in a relationship with one person, you’re going to keep more money in your pocket.
  • If you’re only focused on one person, you have more time to grow together. If you’re dating several people, your time will be divided, leaving less room for you to completely get to know one person.
  • In most monogamous relationships, people tend to get comfortable and drive themselves into a rut. There’s a huge chance of becoming bored.
  • You can’t have sex with random strangers or act upon urges. And because you’re only having sex with one person, you’re subjected to what they like and are willing to do.


  • In order to maintain an open relationship you have to be open and trusting. Having a certain amount of openness and trust can strengthen your love and relationship.
  • If you’re in a relationship with someone that isn’t game for fulfilling a desire of yours, you have the option to fulfill it elsewhere.
  • Let’s face it: we all love to have our egos stroked. I don’t know what it is, but something about dating several people is an ego booster. I’m sure it feels good to say that you’re dating several people “at the same damn time.” *cues Future*
  • Sexual relationships can sometimes turn into emotional ones. That can open up a whole new can of worms. Even if you just want to have sex with someone, the other person may want more. Although you can control your actions, you can’t control someone else’s. Opening up that door could possibly bring unwanted drama to your doorstep.
  • Dating costs money. Not only will you be dating several people, but several of your dollars will be spent.

Do you think monogamy is overrated? Have you ever been in an open relationship before?  Share your experience!